Opening Statement

Historical Preface

The beginnings of the Gendarmerie are going back to 1921 with the establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan (the historical name of Jordan)1921-1956After the first formation of the Jordanian government on 11/4/1921, Prince Abdullah the First became the General Commanderof the Military forces, and the Jordan Gendarmerie were established, and leaded by the army assistant commander for public security affairs.1956 – 2008 In 1956, Gendarmerie Forces were separatedfrom the army under the name of "Public Security" as an independent legal personality linked to the Interior Ministry, ...More

The national and regional role of Gendarmerie

The concept of national security:

National Security is a modern term in political science and its use belongs to the end of the Second World War in order to balance between security and to avoid war, and the first to use the United States created the National Security Council and singled him many theories and strategies.

The National Security means: evolution and development, economic, social or political in light of the protection guaranteed by the ...More

The Association FIEP

FIEP is an association of national gendarmeries or affiliated corps, encompassing the European and Mediterranean Gendarmeries and Police Forces with Military Status. The goal of FIEP (which started with the corps of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal) is to broaden and strengthen the mutual relationships, to promote an innovative and active reflection on the forms of police co-operation, and to value its model of organisation and structures abroad. FIEP wants to be recognised by the ...More